Top 7 Signs You Need Professional Fireplace Inspection

Top 7 Signs You Need Professional Fireplace Inspection

The majority of the homes in Kansas have a chimney, and almost everyone uses it for utmost comfort. However, one thing that they miss out on is its regular inspections and cleanings. Due to lack of inspections, defects in the chimney can increase with time and can consume significant repercussions. Much like other things, the chimney also gives signs that it may require professional assistance. If you are not aware of such signs, then here are a mentioned so that you can get a timely fireplace inspection in Olathe, Kansas.



  1. Rusty Damper
    No matter what type of metal it is, rust is never a good sign. In the case of a chimney, a damper, or a firebox is the place where you can find rust. In case you are unable to notice it readily, you can try to check whether the damper is shutting well or not. If the damper does not shut well, you know that inspection is necessary.
  2. Stains on Walls
    Moisture is the biggest enemy of a chimney. When the chimney absorbs plenty of water, you begin to witness stains on the surrounding walls. Not only will it damage the chimney, but the nearby areas as well.
  3. Cracked Chimney Crown
    The Chimney crown is the most significant protection of your chimney from water damage. A cracked chimney crown will let the moisture pass and damage the chimney. Though it may not be easily checked, the rule of thumb is to keep an eye on the crown with yearly inspections of the chimney.
  4. Efflorescence
    White stains on the chimney are also called efflorescence. These stains are easy to notice and remove, which is why people tend to remove these stains. However, they forget that they are merely removing the problem’s effect, but the root cause still exists. Moisture is also the problem here, and getting a professional fireplace inspection in Olathe, Kansas, can be beneficial to solve the problem.
  5. Spalling
    Do you notice bricks on the chimney spalling or flaking off with pieces falling in the yard or on the roof? If your answer is yes, then your chimney is facing spalling damage. Spalling takes a little while to crumble the brickwork, with frequent exterior chimney inspections you will be able to identify this problem before it further spreads the damage.
  6. Damaged Mortar Joints
    Mortar joints are another way of protecting the chimney from moisture damage. Having deteriorated mortar joints will invite moisture in the chimney causing further damage.
  7. Wallpaper Damage
    Most of the homes have wallpaper to enhance the interior walls. However, if you notice any damage to the wallpaper near the chimney, you can tell that moisture has already seeped in the walls. Getting a fireplace inspection in Olathe, Kansas, is the correct thing to do as it will try to protect your home as well as find the problems in the chimney.

These were the top signs that you need a fireplace inspection. If you witness any such sign in your chimney, then wait no further and call a professional for the inspection to save a lot of your time and money.

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