The Benefits of Installing A Chimney Cap

The Benefits of Installing A Chimney Cap

The Benefits of Installing A Chimney Cap

Many factors contribute to a safe chimney. One of them is a chimney cap, which allows it to stay in great shape throughout the year. A solid chimney cap will keep out rain, debris, and critters, making your chimney safer. If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance someone has suggested installing this cap. As much as your chimney seems strong, wildlife activity and harsh weather can reduce its lifespan. Learn more about the benefits of installing this cap.

Keep Water Out

An uncapped chimney allows moisture to get inside your home. Brick chimneys will deteriorate faster when constantly exposed to moisture. That’s because the water damages the chimney dampers, liners, and mortar joints. Aside from that, the moisture will damage your ceiling and walls or lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Once mold starts spreading around your home, it becomes a health hazard, putting your family members at risk of respiratory conditions. Chimney cap installation prevents structural damage caused by water.

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Keep Animals Away

During summer, most people don’t use their fireplace, so the chimney becomes an excellent place for animals to hide or live. An uncapped chimney attracts different types of animals, such as birds and raccoons. This may not sound like a serious issue until baby raccoons and birds start falling into your fireplace. Furthermore, birds can leave nesting material behind, which can easily catch fire. A chimney cap not only keeps these animals away but saves you cleaning costs associated with a dirty chimney.

Prevent Drafts From Entering Your Home

One of the annoying things about an uncapped chimney is that when it gets windy, it allows draft to enter your home. That wind not only makes the fire less efficient, but it can also blow smoke into your house, creating a health hazard. Installing a chimney cap eliminates the draft problem and lets you maintain an optimal temperature around your home.

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Prevent Blocked Flues

If you have ever cleaned your gutters, you know how much debris your roof collects. When things like twigs, branches, and many other materials fall on your roof, some will get inside an uncapped chimney. With time, these things accumulate and block the chimney flues. Blocked flues prevent carbon monoxide from escaping. Instead, it makes its way into your home and becomes a health hazard. Put a chimney cap to ensure your fireplace works as it should.

It Helps Prevent Fire by Containing Sparks and Embers

When you’ve lit your fireplace, embers and sparks will likely flow through the chimney. These particles will end up on the roof and can get into contact with power lines or trees nearby. Although it’s not common for these embers or sparks to trigger a fire, it’s still possible. You can prevent this from happening by installing a chimney cap. It will contain stray sparks and prevent them from landing on the roof.

Keep the Chimney Liner in Great Condition

A chimney usually has a lining that is either metal, ceramic, or clay. It protects the chimney walls and keeps debris and smoke at bay. It also limits heat transfer within the chimney, preventing fire hazards. A chimney cap helps maintain the liner by reducing the amount of moisture and debris that the chimney is exposed to. Consequently, this enhances the chimney’s performance.

Reduces Your AC Expenses

When it’s cold, you just want to gather around your fireplace and get warm. Without a chimney cap, if it gets windy, downdraft will affect your home’s temperature and cause the energy bill to increase. Aside from that, those cold gusts are very uncomfortable. When you install a chimney cap, you enjoy stable temperatures around your home and a reasonable energy bill.

Chimney Cap Installation

To enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, ensure the chimney cap is installed properly. Most people decide to DIY the installation, which can lead to mistakes. Even a chimney cap replacement should be left to professionals who will know how to put everything in place. Certain homeowners get chimney caps that only need to be slid into the flue. However, if it can easily slide into the flue, it can slide out just as easily. This is especially for people who live in regions that receive high winds. Let a trained professional who understands the mechanics of chimney installation and roof safety do the job for you.

Even if you don’t use your fireplace as much, install a chimney cap. It will prevent many issues associated with chimneys. Most importantly, it will keep your home safe and prevent health issues.

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