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Chimney Inspection

Chimney Cleaning

A chimney is an essential part of the home, and keeping it in top-notch shape is the homeowner’s duty. Due to lack of chimney maintenance, many homes have witnessed house fires. Chimney Restoration of Kansas City provides the best in class chimney inspection in Olathe Kansas so that you never face any such situation. Here, you will get the most professional chimney inspection, where we will be checking all the different aspects of your fireplace. From the bottom of your chimney to the top, our certified chimney inspectors in Olathe Kansas will make sure that your chimney never faces any issue.

Why do you need a chimney inspection in Olathe Kansas?


#1 Avoid Debris Build-up

Debris build-up in chimneys is a common phenomenon in under maintained chimneys. A user will never know about this build-up unless they hire a professional for fireplace inspection in Olathe Kansas. Chimney Restoration of Kansas City will check all the areas where debris build-up is prevalent and ensure that the problem is eradicated from the root.


#2 Problem Diagnosis

Chimneys face problems that are extremely hard for a regular person to identify. No matter what the problem is, our certified professionals will diagnose it and provide the right solution so that you can keep using your chimney without worrying.


#3 Avoid Harmful Carbon Monoxide

Traditional chimneys function by burning wood and other chimneys burn gas logs that could create a carbon monoxide issue if not maintained. In regular stances, this gas goes out from the chimney without any issue. However, if there is any underlying blockage within the chimney, this gas can be pushed back inside the home and can cause harm to the residents. With the right fireplace and chimney inspection in Olathe KS from Chimney Restoration of Kansas City, this problem will be eradicated before it can cause any significant damage. 


Different Levels of Chimney Inspection


Level 1

The most basic chimney inspection falls under this category. Here, our certified chimney inspectors in Olathe Kansas will inspect readily accessible interior and exterior areas of the fireplace. Moreover, they will keep an eye on combustible deposits and connections.


Level 2

A level 2 inspection is a more thorough check than the former and is necessary when damage is noticed in the chimney. Apart from that, it is essential to get the chimney checked for level 2 when the property is being sold, or any change is made to the fireplace. Under this type of fireplace inspection in Olathe Kansas, we will monitor the joints and flue liners of the chimney. A video scan of the flue system is a must when it comes to burning a fire inside your home. 


Level 3

Level 3 is the most thorough checking of the chimney and is only required when the inspector notices significant damage. In some cases, the chimney components can be removed to eradicate any hidden hazard.


Frequent chimney cleaning and inspection in Olathe Kansas is highly essential to keep the chimney in perfect shape. Not only will it function properly, but it will safeguard you from any potential hazard or house fire. All you have to do is connect with Chimney Restoration of Kansas City, and you will get the best fireplace and chimney inspection in Olathe Kansas.

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