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Masonry plays a significant role in all indoor and outdoor spaces at the property. It serves as the foundation or base upon which other features are installed. If done properly, it won’t deteriorate quickly. You may notice some signs of damage like cracks over time due to wear and tear.

These issues should not be ignored as they become a much more complex problem that will be costly to resolve. Chimney Restoration of Kansas City is one of the leading masonry repair services providers proudly serving regions in Basehor, KS. We can repair all types of masonry damage and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Signs That Your Masonry Needs Repair

Masonry requires effective maintenance and can be costly and difficult to repair or replace. Contact our masonry repair services team at Chimney Restoration of Kansas City in Leavenworth County as soon as you notice a problem to ensure that your repairs are completed as soon as possible.


1) Bowed Bricks

Bricks shaped differently than their original shape allow water to enter and damage the structure. If you notice compacted brick, our masonry contractor will need to replace it. You may require additional work to strengthen your foundation.

2) Interior Damage

If your brick or stone structure is part of your home, you may notice issues that indicate weakness in the masonry. Masonry repair in Leavenworth County is required if you notice moisture buildup on your walls or cracks in your plaster.

3) Cracking Bricks

Bricks and stones naturally crack over time, but deep or angular cracks can cause your structure to collapse. We will fill the cracks to ensure the structural integrity of your building.

4) Frost Boil

Bulging bricks, also known as frost boil, can occur when moisture seeps behind your brick masonry and disrupts the structure. We remove the damaged bricks, repair them, and then lay new bricks on top of the structure.

Types Of Issues Addressed During Masonry Repair

There are numerous types of masonry chimney repair, but no matter what the issue is, you can rely on our experienced technicians to provide a safe and secure solution. We can repair the following types of issues in masonries in Basehor, KS:

1) Deteriorating & Crumbling Crowns

The chimney’s crown is one of the most vulnerable areas for chimney masonry damage. The crown is constantly exposed to rain, wind, snow, temperature change, and other elements that can cause chimney damage since it is located on the top of the chimney.

This causes the crown to crack, crumble, and degrade. Depending on the severity of the chimney damage, we just need to make patch repairs or may rebuild the crown entirely.

2) Cracking Mortar & Brick 

We frequently discover cracking and crumbling bricks as well as mortar joints. These mortar damage problems are frequently caused by water damage and may necessitate tuckpointing and brick replacement. In these cases, our masons remove damaged mortar or brick and replace it with a visually and structurally matching brick.

3) Damaged Fireboxes

Your firebox is constructed from mortar and can withstand high heat levels. However, mortar damage or mortar with gaps is no longer effective. We can repair your firebox with specialized refractory caulking.

4) Cracked Or Broken Fire Pits

Contact our professionals if the hearth floor of your chimney has a crack or is chipped. We provide heat-resistant repair services regardless of the material used in your hearth.

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Our certified chimney masonry technicians at Chimney Restoration of Kansas City take pride in assisting residential and commercial clients in Basehor, KS. We offer low-cost masonry chimney repair, modern tuckpointing, and other services.

Basehor is a city in Leavenworth County, Kansas, United States which is included statistically in the Kansas City metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city was 6,896.

In exchange for extensive Delaware holdings in the state of Indiana, on September 24, 1829, the United States government ceded a large tract of land to the Delaware Indians. Basehor is built on a small part of this tract. The Delawares held this land, or at least parts of it, until the 1860s. On July 4, 1866, the Secretary of the Interior of the United States was offered for sale what was left of the Delaware lands, then referred to as the Delaware Diminished Reserve, for not less than $2.50 per acre. The Leavenworth, Pawnee, and Western Railroad Company subsequently bought all of the remaining land on January 7, 1886.

The first individuals to own the land upon which Basehor now stands were Thomas Salem and Mary Z. Towne (though William Henery Lewis, who surveyed for the railroad, bought an extensive plot of land to the northeast of Basehor around 1861 and homesteaded it right after the Civil War). The couple bought it from the railroad in 1873 and mortgaged it to Ephraim Basehor the same year. On January 9, 1874, the Townes sold the 160 acres (0.65 km2) to Basehor. Ephriam and Reuben’s nephew William Mast later moved to Basehor and in 1896 married Margaret Towne, the daughter of the couple from whom they had purchased the land.

Basehor was founded in 1889 by Reuben Basehor and his brother Ephraim. They both were of Pennsylvania Dutch descent and came to Kansas in 1854. After living in Lawrence for a time, Ephraim began working as a hired hand for an area farmer. He eventually bought the farm and other land holdings in the area.

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