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Angela KaczorowskiAngela Kaczorowski
02:16 06 Nov 22
Chimney Restoration has been wonderful to work with, they responded quickly to my requests for a chimney inspection and saved my newly purchased home from a horrific amount of damage caused by years of neglect from past homeowners. Chris was professional and courteous when working around my busy schedule and always made sure to communicate what was going on and provide me with documentation of the chimney and explain everything in great detail. They worked with us to create a plan of action that met our needs and budget. My husband and I are thrilled to have a company we feel we can trust to keep our chimney/fireplace safe and functional for years to come!
Scott CarpenterScott Carpenter
11:00 26 Jul 22
Chris, Joseph and the entire crew were on time, knowledgeable, experienced, very professional and polite, while performing their work in record heat! They took great care of our 100+ year old fireplace.
Cristina StoneCristina Stone
16:46 16 Jun 22
Very professional and on time. There bid was fair and knowledgeable and a quick turn around. We had tried another chimney place 20 years ago when we moved into our home and they had no clue how to fix the chimney and this company came in, did the inspection, gave us options, and we felt confident in our final choice. I would highly recommend.
Robin PetermanRobin Peterman
00:22 10 Feb 22
We were so impressed with Chris! He was on-time, professional and really listened to our concerns. We really thought our fireplace was going to have to be replaced but Chris came and did his magic and it's working again! Thank you! Thank you! I would recommend them to everyone I know.
Tiffany SykesTiffany Sykes
13:53 09 Feb 22
We needed a complete tear down of our 130 year old chimney. CR of KC was one of 3 companies that quoted us. Chris was quick to respond, came out within a few days to quote us and walked us through everything. He didn’t try to up sell or recommend anything that wasn’t needed. We scheduled and he and his crew were on time and completed the job in one day. He sent me progress photos of the job throughout the day and the cleanup was phenomenal. I highly recommend Chimney Restoration of KC. I’m a real estate agent and they are now on my preferred vendor list.

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Chimney Crown Repair Services From Chimney Restoration of Kansas City Will Keep Your Chimney Safe & Free From Water In Leawood, KS

Give your chimney the TLC it needs with expert Chimney Crown Repair Services – trust us to get the job done right.

A chimney crown is the masonry top of the chimney or the roof that covers the brick-and-mortar of the chimney. The chimney crown is critical for protecting the structure beneath it from harsh weather.

Many people are unaware that this crown requires protection. This capstone will eventually crack and deteriorate if not repaired and maintained, leaving the chimney vulnerable to water intrusion and damage.

The chimney inspection experts at Chimney Restoration of Kansas City can assist you whether your chimney crown is crumbling or you want to prevent small cracks. Our chimney cleaning service team specializes in chimney inspections and repairs for homes and businesses in Leawood, KS.

You can rely on us to complete the repair as per your specifications. We guarantee the quality of our work and have a long list of satisfied commercial and residential customers.

Reasons Due To Which Chimney Crowns Get Damaged

The chimney crown is the cement slab that sits on top of your chimney stack, shielding it from rain, animals, debris, or anything else that enters the chimney and causes damage. These are the reasons why the chimney crown gets damaged:

1) Improper Construction 

This is one of the most common causes of crown failure. Crowns are frequently constructed with the wrong materials and dimensions. If you want a crown to keep water out of your chimney system, it should be at least 3 inches thick and extend at least 3 inches on each side. Otherwise, water will settle on the crown and quickly erode it.

2) Harsh Weather

Even well-constructed crowns can wear and crack over time due to weather. As holes and cracks form in the crown, more water will enter the chimney.

3) When You Observe Efflorescence

Your chimney crown shouldn’t have any white stains on them. In the long run, it will seriously harm the crown’s structure, including its bricks and mortar.

What Happens If A Crown Cracks?

Rain and melting snow enter the interiors of the chimney through a crack. When this occurs, the chimney leaks can affect both the chimney masonry & the building material of the home.

Mold growth is an issue in dark places. Mold thrives in poorly ventilated areas that remain cool and damp for long periods. You don’t want any presence of mold near or in your house. Water can seep into the bricks when a chimney crown is decayed or broken. 

Our chimney cleaning company Chimney Restoration of Kansas City in Leawood, KS can assist you if your chimney was poorly built or has begun to wear and tear. Our fireplace cleaning professionals specialize in chimney crown repairs and rebuilding. We can ensure that your crown is in good shape and ready to protect your chimney.

Crown Repair & Leak Protection That Works

Our chimney sweeps in Johnson County have decades of experience repairing chimney crowns and fixing leakages. We use proven chimney repair techniques and products when repairing crowns. You can expect long-lasting protection when trusting chimney cleaning services providers like Chimney Restoration of Kansas City.

Our chimney sweeps use high-quality materials to fill cracks and holes. Following the completion of fireplace cleaning and crown repairs in Johnson County, we apply a coating that can be brushed onto the crown to provide a waterproof layer. This prevents future cracks and allows you to enjoy years of protection.

Get Your Crown Inspection & Repair Done Today!

Is water leaking into your chimney and home through the crown? Our chimney cap installation and repair company Chimney Restoration of Kansas City in Leawood, KS can assist you. If the repairs are required, you can rely on us to provide quick, effective, and long-lasting chimney repairs to keep moisture out of your chimney. 

Selecting a suitable chimney cleaning and repair company in Johnson County is critical to ensure a job well done. Whether you hire us to repair your chimney crown or completely replace the mortar, we promise to complete the job on time and within budget. Call us today on 913-374-7902 to schedule crown repair and chimney cap installation services.


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