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Chimney Cap Replacement

Chimney cap problems are more prevalent than most people think. People believe that their chimney cap is in top-notch condition, so they miss out on it’s necessary repairs. If you think your chimney cap needs maintenance, you have Chimney Restoration of Kansas City by your side. We have expert professionals for chimney cap replacement in Olathe Kansas, allowing you to use your chimney without a hiccup. 

A broken chimney cap can lead to potential hazards. By providing the best chimney cap installation, we make sure that you always stay safe when enjoying a relaxing time using your chimney. 

Masonry Repair

Do you believe that your masonry chimney is damaged? If so, then Chimney Restoration of Kansas City is the one who can help. Here we offer the best fireplace masonry repair in Olathe Kansas and ensure that the user faces no further complications. We have years of experience in providing chimney repair service and ensure that the problem will be eradicated to make your chimney work like brand new.

A timely masonry repair service can make the chimney run lifelong. By taking our service of masonry chimney repair in Kansas City, your chimney will also stay in the best shape for years to come. We are equipped with the most professional and ethical people who put all their efforts into repairing masonry and chimney crown replacement in Olathe Kansas City

Gas Log Install

Do you want an effective and efficient chimney with warmth  but without any mess? If so, then all you need to do is connect with Chimney Restoration of Kansas City for gas log installation and welcome a new chimney system. The gas log fireplace is an excellent way to save energy and requires very little maintenance.We have certified gas log fireplace installation installers in Olathe, Kansas that will take minimal time in installing the new system at your home. Moreover, we have years of experience in chimney related tasks and ensure 100% efficacy while working. All you have to do is contact our gas log installers, and they will provide you with a  justified quote.

Damper Caps

A damper cap is a significant element of a chimney. It safeguards the chimney opening and ensures that smoke passes through the vent with ease. However, this cap may require repair or replacement with continuous usage. If you feel like your damper has become rusty and is harder to open, you can connect with Chimney Restoration of Kansas City for a brand-new damper cap installation in Kansas. 

We are a team of experienced professionals who have helped legions of people like you in getting their damper caps fixed. Being an expert, we understand the proper ways of handling the repair and replacement situation so that no other part is damaged during the process. Before we provide the right solution, our team will investigate the chimney and determine the course of action. After understanding the problem, our experts will recommend the right step to take, which will keep your chimney in perfect condition.

Chimney Cleaning

Having a chimney requires frequent maintenance and cleaning. Get your chimney professionally cleaned from Chimney Restoration of Olathe KC to get rid of the blockage. We use the best cleaning practices to ensure that your chimney remains in the best condition and works effectively. In addition, our professionals use industry-leading products in chimney cleaning services in Olathe Kansas that are safe for the users as well as for the environment.

Chimney Inspection

A chimney is an essential part of the home, and keeping it in top-notch shape is the homeowner’s duty. Due to lack of chimney maintenance, many homes have witnessed house fires. Chimney Restoration of Kansas City provides the best in class chimney inspection in Olathe Kansas so that you never face any such situation. Here, you will get the most professional chimney inspection, where we will be checking all the different aspects of your fireplace. From the bottom of your chimney to the top, our certified chimney inspectors in Olathe Kansas will make sure that your chimney never faces any issue.

Chase Cover Repair Service

Your Chimney has several essential components for it to function efficiently, and the chase cover  is one of them. A properly built chase cover helps the chimney keep moisture like rain and snow out and prevents it from ponding water on top of the chimney chase. A defective chase cover will let the moisture leak into the chimney structure and lead to expensive repairs. Rather than spending a lot of money on chimney repairs, you can connect with Chimney Restoration of Kansas City and get a chase cover replacement in Olathe KS. Here you will get the best chase cover repair and replacement service that will keep the moisture out from your chimney. Minor damage can be solved by repairing the chase cover.  Our motive is to provide the best service to our customers. With that in mind, we investigate the issue and determine whether the chase cover can be repaired or not so that you can get ahead of the major costs. We replace chase covers all over the  Olathe Kansas area Dailey.

Utility Flue Repair

Flue liner is among the most ignored part of a chimney. Not just the fireplace, but gas burning furnaces and water heaters use the same vent. Being completely unaware of this link, many people ignore its maintenance and end up paying a hefty price for its repairs. Even if there is no chimney in your home, it is necessary to get chimney flue repair in Olathe Kansas to ensure that other utilities work effortlessly.
If you believe that you need a utility flue repair service, you can call Chimney Restoration of Kansas City to help you. By using the right practices along with the most effective ways of repairs, we ensure that all your utilities work perfectly. Gas burning appliances can produce moisture and gases that can corrode the flue. If not controlled at the right time, the problem can spread across the entire chimney resulting in expensive repairs.

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